Cheers to the Ladies

Due to a male-dominated industry today, most people attribute the brewing of beers to men, but dig a little deeper and history tells a very different story…

Thank you & farewell to the 2017 CBAHK board

2017 was a great year for beer with even more local breweries (we’re pushing 35 now!) and new faces in the industry. As with every January, we’d like to give our massive thanks and a bittersweet farewell to the 3-man strong board that spearheaded a few notable projects during their term.

Have a Beery Christmas!

Deck the halls with ales and lagers! Here by popular demand, we’ve compiled a list of hoppy, malty gift ideas for your beer-loving friends.

Mastering the Craft: Ray Daniels of Cicerone

Without a doubt, Ray Daniels is one of the leading lights of the beer world. From his influential 1996 homebrewing tome Designing Great Beers to his work with the Brewers Association, Ray has tirelessly preached the gospel of a proper brewery-to-glass experience – and the latest step on the journey is with his Cicerone Certification Program, one of the world’s most prominent beer industry certifications.

The Journey: Rich Higgins, Master Cicerone

In 2010, Rich Higgins became just the third person to earn the prestigious Master Cicerone distinction. In Hong Kong for a series of masterclasses as part of Landmark Men’s Appreciate the Craft event, Rich sat down with Coaster to chat about his passion for educating people about beer.

Punks Not Dead: James Watt of BrewDog

From two men and a dog in 2007 to a globally renowned craft beer brand and an employer of 750 people today – not to mention its crowdfunding army of 50,000 “Equity Punks” – Scotland-based brewery BrewDog has always marched to the beat of its own drum.

Carved in Stone: Greg Koch of Stone Brewing

Outspoken and a major figure of the craft beer movement, Greg Koch co-founded Stone Brewing in 1996 in San Marcos, California, just north of San Diego. Refusing to compromise on taste like so many others did, Stone pioneered the West Coast-style IPA and has consistently brewed in-your-face beers.