Pincers and beer

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It’s hairy crab season, and there’s nothing Hongkongers love more than getting elbow-deep in roe and cracking shells. With FeedMeGuru’s fantastic list of crab tasting menus around town, we’ve got a whole lotta beer styles for you to pair ‘em with.

1. Lager

What can we say? A seafood and lager combo will always be a classic. The salinity of the succulent crab meat will pair delightfully with a crisp, cold lager.

Our pick: Longboard Island Lager by Kona Brewing Co.

2. Pale Ale

It’s a favourite of the masses for good reason. Pale ales pair well with almost any dish. Fruity and slightly heavier-bodied than lagers, a pale ale adds perfect touch of malts to your briny dish.

Our pick: Classic Pale Ale by Young Master Brewery

3. IPA

Wash down your pincery friend with a quick, bitter hit. Hoppy and medium-bodied, a good IPA will act as a wonderful complement to crab-heavy meals.

Our pick: Stone IPA by Stone Brewing

4. Stout

Looking at several wickedly fiery menus, including Qi-Nine Dragon’s spicy fare, we can’t help but throw in a stout to help ease your soon-to-be-burning taste buds.

Our pick: Moon Goddess Chocolate Stout by Moonzen Brewery

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