Review: Second Draft (Tai Hang)

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Don’t let its demure exterior fool you – with two separate kegerators and a cold room to serve their brews on 26 taps at three different recommended temperatures, this may be Hong Kong’s most sophisticated beer bar yet.

The brews:

Although largely dominated by local brewery Young Master Ales, you’ll also find a sizeable selection of hard-to-find imported beers on rotation, such as Renaissance’s Barrel-Aged Darth Saison ($70 for 330ml) from New Zealand. More adventurous beer drinkers can try some of the real ales on hand pumps – a more traditional method of tapping beer, served at 11 to 13 degrees. We love Young Master’s Bitter Oak ($60 for 330ml).

The bites:

Curated by May Chow of Little Bao, the menu is a telling reflection of her love of Asian-style dishes with a contemporary twist. With rather aromatic and distinctive appetisers, their house fries ($68) arrive coated in cumin dust, takana and dried chilli, while their burrata ($138) comes with a spicy mapo twist. Our Shanghai Dip ciabatta ($98) is packed with deliciously braised pork, pickled cucumbers and a remarkable Scotch ale pork jus. Already making waves in the culinary scene, be sure to save a bit of room for their French toast served with creamy foie gras butter ($68).

The short:

Tai Hang has been long overdue for a proper taproom. Good food and even better beer? Count us in. We hope the arrival and success of Second Draft will herald a flurry of even more beer-focused bars outside of the overcrowded Central district.

98 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang, +852 2468 2010

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