Review: Alvy's

Contemporary New York-style pizzeria meets local craft beer in this delicious marriage of yeast and hops. Opened by Pat Gatherer (formerly of The Globe) and the Young Master Brewery team, the Western district just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

Review: Second Draft

Don’t let its demure exterior fool you – with two separate kegerators and a cold room to serve their brews on 26 taps at three different recommended temperatures, this may be Hong Kong’s most sophisticated beer bar yet.

Review: Wolfpack

Founded by a group of friends with a mutual love of great beer, this humble tapas bar and lounge is a must-visit when in Macau.

Review: Beef & Liberty (Central)

The biggest Beef & Liberty truly shines in a sprawling 4,700sqft Lan Kwai Fong space. With an outdoor terrace, high ceilings, an expanded bar experience, live DJs on the weekends and much more, it’s a wonderful bar option in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong.

Review: Beer & Fish

Hallelujah! For those of us living in the North (insert Game of Thrones reference here…) – no more 90-minute journey to Soho to get our hands on scrumptious beer-battered grub! Oh, and there’ll be 20 different craft beers available.

Review: Urban Park (Central)

Forget sifting through 12-pages of delectable-sounding dishes, placing your orders, and then immediately second-guessing everything. Urban Park is taking it back-to-basics with a straightforward 2-Item-menu ($289).

Review: WOFT

With beer bars popping up all around town, it was inevitable that the movement would slowly breach into Kowloon! We venture over to ‘the dark side’ to experience WOFT’s enormous beer and cider menu.