Upcoming Events

  • 二月 237:00 下午 - 9:00 下午

    2月品酒工作坊 – Real Juice Vs Fake Fruits

    成日飲到啲果汁味好重嘅啤酒都懷疑佢究竟係咪溝咗果汁?有啲係有真實生果成分,但係有啲其實只係用咗生果味重嘅啤酒花咋~ 今次會同大家飲3隻有加生果同3隻冇加生果嘅酒,一齊嚟試吓有咩分別啦

  • 二月 237:00 下午 - 9:30 下午

    BTSB Experience

    Fridays from 7-9:30pm, you'll sample six tasters (200 mL) from Back To School's list of in-house brews on tap and find out what makes each one unique.

  • 二月 277:30 下午 - 9:30 下午

    BTSB 201 – Approaches to Brewing Ales

    This 3-week course will introduce three homebrewing methods and dive into major beer styles of the world. The 201 Course focuses on brewing ales and the various ale styles.