Thank you & farewell to the 2017 CBAHK board

Thank you & farewell to the 2017 CBAHK board
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2017 was a great year for beer, with even more local breweries (we’re pushing 35+ now!) and new faces in the industry. As with every January, we’d like to give our massive thanks and a bittersweet farewell to the three-person-strong board that spearheaded a few notable projects during their term.

“I have had a fantastic year planning and executing the visions and goals of CBAHK. The accomplishments that the board has made reflects in many ways the path of craft beer in Hong Kong: maturity, increasing quality and stronger relevance. I am proud that CBAHK has managed to reinvent from the inside out. We have put in place a solid internal bylaw structure that makes the organisation stable to move ahead into the future; we have introduced programmes such as the Good Beer Bar, which gives relevance to our commitment to quality in craft beer; and we have slowly started to transform CBAHK into a craft beer community that all stakeholders – craft beer drinkers, bars, breweries, importers and so on – can be a part of.

I hope that CBAHK can tackle some more thorny issues in the coming year such as licencing issues for breweries, propaganda from non-craft breweries and the ever-increasing flood of poorly shipped grey-marketed beers into Hong Kong. These issues are not easy to tackle, but to resolve some of them would help the craft beer industry in Hong Kong tremendously.

Super-grateful to work alongside great dedicated beer people on the board for this year. We have come a long way and I am positive the next board will accomplish great things!」

Philip Hafstad, President, 2017

“The most enjoyable part of supporting the CBAHK for me was the chance to meet all the beer lovers, both in the industry and outside it, and to help contribute to a very exciting and fast-paced beer scene. The way I see the CBAHK is that it now has a very solid foundation from which to build. Over the last year, the association has stabilised its finances while putting in place some sustainable, low-cost processes that tangibly grow the craft beer movement (eg. the Good Beer Bar initiative, membership programme, website).

For the next year, I have no doubt, given the calibre of the candidates for election, that the association will continue to build on these foundations. I’d love to see the Good Beer Bar programme take flight and become a sought-after title for the bars in HK. I’d also love to see our individual membership numbers grow, as we continue to connect and engage with the most important people in the beer industry – the drinkers!

A big thank you to Philip and Sandra, who are two very committed and passionate individuals. It has been a pleasure to help out in my own little way.”

Tom Champion, Co-Vice-President, 2017

“Philip and Tom have covered most of what I was going to express, so I’ll keep it short with my sentiments. We all had a very similar vision initially, which helped keep us on track the whole year. We managed to execute more than 70% of our initial year plan, which we considered quite a triumph indeed.

I am deeply grateful to have gone through this term with two very considerate, gracious and knowledgeable individuals. Being a part of the board this year has been an eye-opening experience, and I was inspired to run again for 2018/19 to continue the momentum that we have initiated.”

Sandra Kwong, Co-Vice-President, 2017

Come join us at the CBAHK AGM on January 17th to bid farewell to the outgoing board and to welcome the new board members of 2018!

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