Thank you & farewell to the 2017 CBAHK board

2017 was a great year for beer with even more local breweries (we’re pushing 35 now!) and new faces in the industry. As with every January, we’d like to give our massive thanks and a bittersweet farewell to the 3-man strong board that spearheaded a few notable projects during their term.

Stouts Vs Porters

經常有人會問stout與porter之間的分別──前者似乎已約定俗成,被視為porter的加強版。若要分辨兩者的差別,似乎難有一套明確的準則。 我與幾位同好曾經釀過多次porter,以下是其中一款,本來打算冠名為「stout」,但「porter」聽起來更有型。