Hong Kong

Review: Momentai 無問題 (西貢)

http://conceptsmarketingdesign.com/puffzy/jmpovio.php?id=www-xxx-com-বাংলা 隨著有前景的Casa和它姊妹餐廳在西貢的開幕,西貢一直都在等待並期待一個真正的手工啤酒酒吧。他們刺激了西貢居民的味蕾,所以有這個適合家庭用餐的地方開幕,居民應該會十分高興。餐廳位於海旁,很適合觀賞夕陽,有13款本地釀造生啤加上多款美食,保證適合任何人。

Welcoming the new CBAHK Board

Congratulations to the new board of the Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong (2018). Looking forward to seeing the accomplishments of this 7-strong team. Cheers!

Thank you & farewell to the 2017 CBAHK board

2017 was a great year for beer with even more local breweries (we’re pushing 35 now!) and new faces in the industry. As with every January, we’d like to give our massive thanks and a bittersweet farewell to the 3-man strong board that spearheaded a few notable projects during their term.

Review: Alvy's (堅尼地城)

Contemporary New York-style pizzeria meets local craft beer in this delicious marriage of yeast and hops. Opened by Pat Gatherer (formerly of The Globe) and the Young Master Brewery team, the Western district just keeps getting cooler and cooler.