Welcoming the new CBAHK Board

Congratulations to the new board of the Craft Beer Association of Hong Kong (2018). Looking forward to seeing the accomplishments of this 7-strong team. Cheers!

Thank you & farewell to the 2017 CBAHK board

2017 was a great year for beer with even more local breweries (we’re pushing 35 now!) and new faces in the industry. As with every January, we’d like to give our massive thanks and a bittersweet farewell to the 3-man strong board that spearheaded a few notable projects during their term.

Review: Alvy's (堅尼地城)

Contemporary New York-style pizzeria meets local craft beer in this delicious marriage of yeast and hops. Opened by Pat Gatherer (formerly of The Globe) and the Young Master Brewery team, the Western district just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

Winners - Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2017

Following the last eight successful years, the Hong Kong International Beer Awards continues to recognize the best beers available in Hong Kong’s restaurants and bars. This year, over 300 entries were collected from more than 40 distributors.

杯中軼記: 劉心暉

劉心暉凡事親力親為,這位大忙人經常要穿州過省,有時遠赴蘇格蘭與BrewDog團隊進行培訓,轉頭又到日本討論香港Coedo Taproom的業務事宜,所以能夠採訪他本人實屬難得。此外,他亦是香港手工啤酒協會(cbahk.org)的主席。