World’s Best Beers event: discover the brews

World's Best Beers event: discover the brews
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For the upcoming World’s Best Craft Beers Explained By The World’s Best Beer Sommelier events on January 23 and January 24, check out our handy guide to the 10 brews being served, some of which are in Hong Kong for the very first time. See you there!

  1. Orval (Gaume, Belgium)

    A recognised trappist brewery (meaning the beers are traditionally brewed by monks in the monastic traditions – there are only 11 such breweries in the world), Orval is intensely aromatic and dry. Extremely complex flavours and aromas, using the Brettanomyces lambicus yeast strain, this is a one-of-a-kind beer and the only one available outside the monastery. 6.2% ABV

  2. Westmalle Tripel (Malle, Belgium)

    Another recognised trappist brewery, Westmalle makes three beers, only two of which you’ll find outside the abbey. This is a powerful, pale-blonde ale using the traditional Belgian candy sugar. 9.5% ABV

  3. Westvleteren 12 (Vleteren, Belgium)

    The holy grail of trappist beers, this unlabelled brew commands high prices – and for good reason. Often hailed as the 「best beer in the world」, it’s generally only sold at the monastery in very limited quantities. This dark, complex quadrupel-stye brew could be a life-changing experience. 10.2% ABV

  4. Geuze Boon (Lembeek, Belgium)

    In the Belgian beer traditions, 「sour beer」 is a major force in the country’s long-standing brewing traditions. This traditional blended lambic, aged in oak casks, undergoes a unique open-air 「spontaneous fermentation」 process, in which wild yeast drives forward bright, sour notes of increasing complexity. 7.0% ABV

  5. Schönramer Pils (Schönram, Germany)

    A classic example of the German Pilsner, this one may be the most recognisable as 「beer」 in the line-up if you’re most familiar with the standard lager. Brewed with Spalter and Hallertauer aroma hops, this crisp brew features clean, malty highlights (similar to freshly baked bread) and light, lemony hops. 5.0% ABV

  6. Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock (Aying, Germany)

    This rich, classic Bavarian speciality dark lager is often consumed at celebrations, hence the name. Rich, dark and malty, with notes of toffee and caramel, and double the punch of a traditional bock beer. 6.7% ABV

  7. Samuel Smith’s India Ale (Tadcaster, England)

    A classic example of the English IPA style, this Yorkshire brew has a restrained maltiness and focuses on the aroma and flavour of hops from England’s finest farms. Floral, herbal hops show in the aroma and finish, but the bitterness is balanced, refined and elegant. 5.0% ABV

  8. Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout (Tadcaster, England)

    This silky-smooth stout is everything you’d expect – and more. Black-brown with oatmeal notes, and oh-so-smooth, you might want this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 5.0% ABV

  9. Great Divide Hercules Double IPA (Colorado, USA)

    One of Denver’s many great breweries, this Double IPA (also called Imperial IPA) takes the standard in-your-face characters of an American IPA and doubles them. Expect to be hammered over the head with piney, citrusy and floral hop aroma and flavour, balanced out by nutty, malty sweetness. 10.0% ABV

  10. Baladin Xyauyu Kentucky (Piozzo, Italy)

    A wild experiment from one of Italy’s top breweries. They call it a 「couch beer」, but we’d say it’s more of a barleywine – oak barrel-aged with Kentucky tobacco. Definitely a sipping brew. Truly unique. 14.0% ABV

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